茶叶-斯里兰卡茶叶 背后传承着一个与众不同的成功故事

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橡胶-斯里兰 卡的橡胶种植业可追溯到1876年。

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农 业-农业是斯里兰卡的代名词,农民在不同的农业气候地区肥沃的土地上种植了超过80种不同的水果和蔬菜

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旅游业-斯 里兰卡以她丰富的文化、历史、多样性和不可否认的美丽被称为“亚洲的奇迹”。

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旅游-斯里兰 卡被誉为香料王国,历史上以其丰富的香料种类对西方国家有着很大的吸引力。

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手工 艺品-斯里兰卡的手工艺品有着上千年的历史。

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斯里兰卡 的服装出口业为经济增长做出了很大贡献。过去的40

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The Wavetree 141/9,Vauxhall Street,Colombo 02
+94 11 2309200+94 11 2309200
+94 77 7737155+94 77 7737155
+94 11 2302590

MAC Holdings Private Limited

  • Hospitality & Leisure –

MAC Travels private limited was originally established in 2004 as “Luxury Holiday Travels PVT Ltd” to offer customized solutions both in Sri Lanka and exotic foreign shores to suit personalized needs of our valued customers, creating a unique blend of travel and pleasure.

Our many customized solutions both to in Sri Lanka and other destinations consist of, Special Interest Tours, Sports Tours, Nature Based Tours, Eco Holidays, Adventure Tours, Study Tours, Cultural Tours, Beach Holidays, Wellness Holidays, Tailor Made Holidays for Luxury Clientele, and Shore Excursions.

Our specialized in services include,

  •  Visa formalities
  • Experience bilingual staff with ability to speak and write
  • Airport transfers
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Experience travel advisory service
  • Latest fleet of vehicles
  • Experience Bilingual guides and chauffer-guides.
  • Renewable Energy -

With the envisaged development backed by the island’s rich eco friendly environment and MAC’s great aspiration of addressing many aspects of social responsibility & community development, we have commenced our journey in the field of sustainable energy with great sense of passion and responsibility.

We at MAC are optimistic of the future in renewable energy, prompting our investments to receive priority in several mini hydro and wind power projects with plans to exploit avenues in solar, biomass etc...

  • Fisheries & Aquaculture –

Our experience completes years of successful operation in fishing, processing, packaging and exporting prime grade sashimi quality fish to Japan while subsequent grades are exported to markets in Europe, Asia and United States in addition to the local market.

All the fresh form of fish are sourced from the Indian Ocean by carefully selected suppliers who purchase only from approved fishermen engaged in sustainable and environmentally responsible fishing methods.

Our activities include.

  • Prime sashimi quality fish processing & ultra-hygienic packaging
  • Deep sea long line fishing
  • Aquaculture – Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters, Sea Cucumber, etc
  • Value Added seafood products
  • Shipping –

A strong single-source ships agency uniquely qualified to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions; we are geared to exploit varied opportunities that are bound to emerge with the nations maritime industry evolving to a new phase with government’s ambition of placing Sri Lanka as a maritime hub in the region becoming an imminent reality.

  • Full spectrum of liner services, Husbanding & Stevedoring
  • Bunker Brokers Ship Chandelling including offshore supplies
  • Transfer of security marshals in Sri Lanka including accommodation and also providing weapons if required
  • Chartering, Photographing and Underwater hull cleaning.
  • Heavy lift marine transport, Supply of tugs & barges
  • Geo-physical services and surveys, Ocean, harbor & terminal towage
  • Vessel Monitoring systems, Salvage & Distress Operations
  • Fully fledged agency services to bulk carriers, cruise liners & tankers, etc
  • Strategic Investments –

Our main focus is promoting investment opportunities, offering joint venture partnerships with global leaders in the below mention sectors.

  • Finance and Investments.
  • Telecommunication Hardware & Software Supplies.
  • Forestry and Agriculture.
  • IT & Software Including BPO.
  • Government Infrastructure Projects & EPC Contractors.
  • Real Estate Development (Commercial & residential).
  • Mining.
  • Aviation –

Our presence in the aviation business has extended further with the establishment of specialized services in passenger charter and executive jet markets. The appointment as the supervising agents for many charter flights including corporate and private jets under our subsidiary Lanka Flight Support Services (Pvt) Ltd is a true endorsement in this endeavor.

To cater to the ever growing aviation industry demands, with great passion we provide,

  • Passenger & Cargo aircraft (Narrow / Wide body) charters
  • VIP business jets
  • Helicopter charters
  • Full scope of flight support services (Ad-hoc & regular)
  • Freight & Logistics –

We provide an array of logistics management services designed to help our clients compress their cycle time, with an increased flexibility and reliability, lowering overall product cost, and maximizing supply chain efficiency for an enhanced customer satisfaction.

We currently operate in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh & Pakistan under our own brand and our services include,

  • Fashion Logistics Services including G.O.H.
  • Air & Sea Freight consolidation
  • Multi country consolidation
  • Entre Port & Transshipment
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Road Haulage
  •  General Trading-

Our future plans include establishing joint venture partnerships with global commercial establishments. This would boost international trade as Sri Lanka would be a business hub to India.

The key benefits include

  • Long term tax holidays
  • Duty concessions
  • Highly skilled human resource

To complement above and to utilize Free Trade Agreements in the sectors of manufacturing and value added activities.

We focus mainly on following trades

  • Mineral supplies
  • Petroleum and related product supplies,
  • Commodity supplies
  • Construction material supplies

WeChat-128 WeChat ID:  amefernando

Banner - MAC Holdings

 酒店&休闲 –

MAC Travels私人有限公司为我们尊贵的客户提供无论是在斯里兰卡还是在海外海岸的个性化方案,来满足他们的需求,带给他们独特的充满乐趣的旅程



  •  签证手续办理
  • 经验丰富的可以流利听说读写的双语员工
  • 机场接送
  • 酒店住宿
  • 经验丰富的专业旅游咨询服务
  • 最新的车队
  • 经验丰富的双语导游以及司机导游


展望岛上丰富的生态友好环境的 发展和MAC公司在社会发展与社会责任很多方面的伟大抱负,我们已经带着热情和责任心开始了我们的可持续能源领域的旅程。



我们已在捕捞、加工、包装和出口上拥有多年的成功经验,除了其中出口到日本来制作顶级生鱼片的鱼,和本地市场外,其他等级的均远销欧洲、亚洲和美国市场 ;



  • 深海延绳钓
  • 顶级生鱼片加工处理
  • 最新鲜最卫生的包装
  • 水产养殖—虾、螃蟹、龙虾、海黄瓜等



  • 全谱的班轮服务;管理&装卸
  • 转运在斯里兰卡的安保人员并提供食宿,若有需要,也可提供武器
  •  大型起重机海洋转运;提供驳船拖船业务、海洋、海港及终端拖船
  • 船舰监控系统;海上救助业务
  • 为散装货船、客船以及油轮提供全方位的服务等;
  • 地堡经纪人;船舶供应品



  • 金融投资
  • 通信硬件与软件设备
  • 林业与农业
  • 信息技术和软件包括BPO(业务过程外包)
  • 政府基础设施工程和EPC承包商
  • 房地产发展(商业和住宅))
  • 矿业




  • 客机和货运飞机(窄/宽机身)
  • VIP商务机
  • 直升飞机
  • 全范围的飞行服务(定制及普通)




  • Fashion货运服务包括O.H
  • 海空货运整合
  • 多国盘整
  • 进港与转运
  • 仓储和配送
  • 报关
  • 货物保险
  • 公路运输








  • 我们重点关注一下贸易
  • 矿产资源供给
  • 石油以及相关产品的供应
  • 商品供应
  • 建筑材料供应
Contact Person
Mr.Andre Fernando
Chairman / Managing Director
Company Description


MAC Holdings Private Limited is a group of companies established in 1996 and was formed to meet customer demands together with its subsidiaries, serving in all aspects of global logistics, total transportation solutions, hospitality and leisure service requirements.. . Its strong financial position, partnerships with global industry leaders and solid operational infrastructure have placed MAC amongst the top of the list of single-source providers in Sri Lanka which houses almost 120 employees. As a result of an acquisition, the company now boasts a 150 year history with its shipping subsidiary dating back to 1850’s.

While shipping, Freight & Logistics, Airline GSA representation, Travel & Tourism continues to be the core business of the group, the company has expanded its horizons by investments in evolving industries such as Renewable Energy, Fisheries & Aquaculture, General Trading & Strategic Investments.



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